Today I got this ↑ certificate on Udacity by completing a tutorial on messaging.


This year at BMSS for me

BMSS is by far the best high school I’ve been to this year.It is awesome for many reasons.Some of them include the classes,the teachers and the pizza!This year I took calculus 12 with Mrs.Morrison who is the department head at BMSS.As I said previously I love the pizza there and I will be telling you why soon.

The pizza there is great because of 3 reasons.The first one is that you can actually see what they put in the pizza because the do it on a counter where the potential customer can see.Secondly the slices are huge,not like pizza in a box which are very slim and mostly air.Lastly the chefs and the cashiers are all very nice which makes the experience even better.The lunch lady also particularly likes me!

The teachers are all very nice and good at the things they teach.I know you are thinking why wouldn’t a teacher know that they are teaching,Good question because some teachers just pay a school some money to be let in.The teachers I know at the high school are :Mrs.Morrison(department head teaches calculus 12),Mrs.Fulop(teaches math) and Mr.Liu(helps other math teachers).Anyways the niceness of the teachers are directly proportional to the amount students learn.So in my opinion the teachers at BMSS encourage the students to learn so much that even the lazy students learn a lot.I am also Currently enrolled in grade 12 Precalculus summer school.

In conclusion BMSS is a very great school overall and it has many upsides.So I give it a rating of pi^2(around 9.8) out of 10.


Canada Day

Yesterday on Canada day my parents and I drove to Stevenson, Richmond for the Canada day parade.We got there early so we wandered around the booths a little and then we saw a booth with a game. the game was that you need to throw 2 out of 4 beanbags into a tiny hole in a inflatable bouncy mat.I won and I chose a foldable frisbee as my prize.


Then we walked to a street nearby where the were grilling salmon fillets over a giant wood fire on racks measuring around 1 meter by 2.5 meters,there were 8 racks in all.The people working there rotated the racks by looking at the time and once a specific time passes they would take off the rack closest to them shift all the other racks toward them and add another rack with raw salmon on the other end.1 rack takes 10 minutes to be ready for consumption.Since this is not a very common phenomenon lots of people were gathered around the fire and taking photos,my dad was one of them.The salmon was sooo delicious,but it was kind of pricey at $16 per filet and salad.But even though it was this pricey the line for it was the longest line in the whole celebration. According to the official site of the Stevenson salmon festival last year they sold ___ salmon.


After that I went to a bouncy castle park they set up nearby and my dad bought me 12 tickets with $10.First I played in a race track bouncy castle where I won the race.There was also a golf course where I got 3 hole in ones out of 10.Then I went to an archery place with a bow and some arrows tipped with foam as to not injure anyone.I shot a floating foam ball down by accident because my arrow went sideways and hit the ball with its tail!

Then we had to leave and on the way home there was a traffic jam that lasted 1 hour with absolutely no movement.At night we went to Coquitlam for  fireworks.In summary it was an awesome day.

Last day of school

Today is the last day of school and unfortunately my last day of MACC(the Multi Age Cluster Class).I didn’t get a chance to join from the start because I missed the application deadline in grade 3 so there was no space for me in grade 4.Then when I took the test in grade 4 the district put me on the lottery list for the people who can’t go because of space.Then in the middle of grade 5 a girl named Yi had to leave so the spot was reloteried and I got selected.


In MACC all of the students are more engaged in the classroom and Ms. Geddes (our teacher) understands what gifted students need.In normal school teachers usually think you are a delinquent just because you are bored in class.

MACC is also a very fun program.We had many field trips for example the bowling trip,the Float your boat challenge and the sea to sky gondola trip.The bowling trip was a replacement for the skiing trip which costed a lot more and was much more tiring.The Float your boat challenge was a class wide version of the Burnaby float your boat challenge.

However this is my last day at MACC because I will be moving to Ottawa in September.



The MACC program was very fun overall and if I had a chance I would do it again!

Paper Mache Cat

This week my class made some Paper Mache items.Mine was a golden brown tabby cat.

The steps are :

1.get a plastic bag and fill it with crumpled newspaper

2.Tape around it and make it the shape of a cat’s body

3.Make a head out of the same process

4.make legs and a tail out of thin cardboard

5.tape them all together to look like a cat

6.wrap it in newspaper strips in around 3 layers

7.then wrap it in paper towel strips

8.make ears

9.tape them on

10.Paint your kitty!

Sea to Sky Gondola Trip

On Wednesday this week my class and I went on a trip to Squamish for the Sea to Sky Gondola.The ride there was on a big bus with enough seats for 2 people to share 1 seat or just going by yourself on a seat.It took around 1 hour to get from Capitol Hill Elementary to Squamish.

When we got there we had a bathroom break.Then my class went to a Ranger named Aaron for instructions and info.He told us about Deciduous and Carnitious trees which are trees with leaves that fall and Evergreens respectively.Then we got on the Gondola,the gondola’s highest point is 850 meters above sea level.The ride up was 10 minutes approximately.

Soon after that we walked across a 100 meter long and 68 meter high bridge secured by steel cables which are drilled 9 meters in granite.After we walked across we went on a 1 mile hiking loop.It was fun even though Brian kept on pushing his way to the front like it was some kind of race even beside a cliff.Then we learned about shelter building in the forest from the Ranger.There are 2 main kinds of survival structures:the Tepee and the A-frame.A tepee looks like a cone of wood surrounding a central tree.The A-frame is made from a partially fallen tree with sticks arranged like an x on top of it.

After we went back to the lodge we ate lunch,surprisingly lots of people brought sandwiches.Then we rode back down on the gondola and it was time to go on the bus.The experience was very fun overall and if I had a chance I would go back any day!


Book review #2—–CHOMP

The main characters in CHOMP are a boy named Wahoo Cray and his dad Mickey who is a professional animal wrangler.One day they get invited to join a TV show called “Expedition Survival” who’s host Derek Badger foolishly believes his own PR and insists to only use wild animals for his show.Then a girl from Wahoo’s class Tuna ran away from her dad and went with Wahoo for the TV show.She ran away because her dad gets drunk every night and gave her a black eye.

I like the book  because for one the plot is very interesting, for example “Derek Badger was chomped by 1 alligator ,1 snapping turtle ,2 snakes…”.Another reason why this book is interesting in my opinion is the connections to real life like the drinking and the craziness.My last reason why I like this book is because of the comedy.Derek Badger liked watching vampire movies so when he got chomped by a bat he thought he would want to drink everybody’s blood.

I would recommend this book to grade 4 and above because of the “bleeping” and alcohol.Unless you and your parents are okay with it,in that case you should read it if you are looking for a harder read.