The Demigod Times



By:Ray Wang,Demigod Leader


Currently in the clan world there have been some suspicions about weather the clan Anonymous is intent on attacking one of the other islands.This suspicion has been confirmed by the Anonymous leader Nicholas and he said ”We know we are going to attack somebody but we aren’t sure who we should attack.”All in all this is a bad thing but if they actually want to attack anyone they need to build a boat first!


One result of Anonymous building 5 battalions to attack is that the Demigods have moved all of their battalions into either a settlement or a city to toughen up on their defenses.On an exclusive interview with the Demigods their leader said”We must strengthen our defenses in case there is an attack on any of our cities or settlements”, the Demigods have also created some settlements on “Mount Olympus” just in case of an attack on Cameldab.




One of the many battalions in the clan world(this one belonging to the Demigods).








The Demigods have also created a peace treaty with the Narwhals who are one of Anonymous’ allies so they won’t be overwhelmed with battalions if Anonymous attacks.Many people think that plan was great because they might be able to put off Anonymous’ armies long enough so that they could sail to D.C. And claim all of their settlements.



In conclusion the continent Anonymous is going to lay siege to is still uncertain but when they do attack  will they win?Only time will tell…



Section 2:Immigration of cats

Most people think that the domestic cat first appeared in ancient Egypt around 5 millennia ago but recent studies concluded that domestic cats most likely came from Persia. Wherever they came from they were revered as godly creatures, in Egypt for example they were one of the symbols of Bastet the god of cats.Also the penalty of killing a cat was death and if there was a fire Egyptians would rush in there and save the cats before doing anything else.